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More than 10 tags

RedBubble is rolling out some upgrades in the next couple of weeks which is great. However, in doing so we have been limited to 10 tags(keywords) per piece of art.

Going through and editing my art to fit this change, I have noticed that 10 tags are not nearly enough.

My idea is to increase this to at least 20 tags. There is plenty of artwork out there that can not be classified with a mere 10 tags.

Please don't make the individual artists suffer because of a few spammers. We need our customers to able to find artwork through relative search results, and 10 tags will not help this at all !

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  • Mui-Ling TehMui-Ling Teh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Nice to have more tags… Did this change do something funny with the way the descriptions of our works are presented though? I noticed that the text of my descriptions are now all squashed up! One of my images (http://www.redbubble.com/people/m48teh/art/3835210-big-ben-ticks-goodnight) for example I started it off with a poem. My poem had a space between every two lines, and even more spaces between my poem and my description for the image. Actually, even since launching the Collections, as great as that was, I found that anything in my descriptions that had more than one space between lines got reduced to just one space; which I could only remedy by putting periods between lines – same thing in the journals. I haven’t even finished fixing all my descriptions since the first change, and now I see a new problem.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but I have spent a lot of time trying making my descriptions look nice, and the recent changes has seem to have made my efforts for nothing, and would take forever to fix :(... unless this is just a temporary bug from my own system; I don't know if anyone else has noticed any difference in the description of their works...

  • SD SmartSD Smart commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    >"We're currently revisiting this situation and you can expect an update in the coming weeks."
    It's been five weeks...? Still looking forward to some positive changes.

  • Odille Esmonde-MorganOdille Esmonde-Morgan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm glad it is being reconsidered. Just yesterday I had a bird image with 3 species in it and had to leave the common names out of the tags and not include where I took the shot. Species names are important tags on nature shots

  • DawsonImagesDawsonImages commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Bad Move guys, there are images that 20 words aren't adequate fopr and others that 6 would do. This is like trying to spread butter with a hatchet. Just another reason RB wastes more time than it is worth for me

  • Clive SClive S commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Peter and other admins here at RB - it might go a long way to explain the reasons for changing this, as opposed to just forcing it through?

    You clearly have an issue here, as most people on this thread are opposed to the change.

  • Marjolein KatsmaMarjolein Katsma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    New RB Inventory version!

    It was a lot of work actually, to solve problems I wasn't seeing myself and had to 'fabricate' to find a solution for... but here it is:

         *version 0.95 of RB Inventory*!

    All information and download links can be found at the script page at "*RB Inventory*":http://scripts.marjoleinkatsma.com/RB_Inventory.html


    * The package now consists of *four* files - all required.
    * On the web page there's a new item in the *Preparations* section: a new configuration variable _timeout_.
    * There's also a whole new section *Known problems* (just one now) explaining about timeout problems. *Please read!* It explains about what the script does to try and work around timeouts, what *you* can do(!), and even has a link to a free utility that might also help .

    So get it, and make your inventory before it's too late! (Well - it's never too late, but later will mean more work.)


  • Jay LethbridgeJay Lethbridge commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not good, not good at all. *Disappointing* to say the least.
    I like to tag my work with location (for those searching by location. As some would). SO, I would probably use Devon, England, UK, United Kingdom. Britain, Great Britain. Then language variations, synonyms etc. For example: Pavement (UK) and Sidewalk (USA), colour (UK) or color (USA)
    There, I am pretty much done and that doesn't even leave me room for the MAIN TOPIC of the image !!!!!
    Not happy at all and I have never made a sale here, so it is NOT about that. I just enjoy sharing my work here at RB, BUT, if there was a chance of a sale, that is less likely to happen, with the reductuion in less keywords, meaning less likely to be found.

  • Marjolein KatsmaMarjolein Katsma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oh, by the way, when are you going to limit the length of our descriptions?
    Please tell us MORE than two weeks in advance.

    (Meanwhile, my tags, and my descriptions, are safely stored in my inventory - the script works!)

  • Marjolein KatsmaMarjolein Katsma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    *All* of us here (in this thread) ALREADY use tags 'appropriately'! And have spent considerable time and attention to do so.
    *All* of us here are confident that reducing the number of possible tags will be detrimental, and that your action is desctructive.
    *All* of us here are clear that nor only 'allowing limitless tags creates an incentive for people to add as many tags as possible on their work' but that this is a GOOD thing - people should be encouraged to tag 'appropriately', of course, but in general this will mean *more* tags, not *less*. 'Marginal' tags (and spammy tags) can be discouraged and we have proposed means to do that - but our opinions about what 'marginal' tags *are* also differ considerably from yours.

    The fact that you simply copy here one of the replies in the blog thread - even though it has already been contested and refuted by us - clearly demonstrates just how much confidence you have in US and how much you are prepared to listen to us (the people who are ultimately paying your salary by generating sales).

    I am confident that OUR confidence in YOU to do what is best for the community and individual artists has been severely damaged now. You have not listened to *any* of our arguments - about how more tags increase the chance of being found: how you need to tag location (and this will take 3-4 tags), about how we need to tag spelling variants, about how we need to tag synonyms, about how we need to tag in multiple languages.

    (And meanwhile I am confident that my script to make an inventory and *preserve* all your tags - plus follow-up scripts that will make good use of that inventory - will be extremely helpful to the community - see link below!!)

  • richmanrichman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i spend alot of time getting my tags right on all my works on RB.
    tagging my work with appropriate tags has been a real pain in the a*se for me and ive spent a good year getting my tags right,
    DONT LIMIT TAGS TO 10, that just aint enough to be able to tag works correctly

  • Marjolein KatsmaMarjolein Katsma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dennis (and others), don't bother editing your tags. Instead, *preserve them*!
    My inventory script is almost ready for release, and once you have an inventory, you can use that (with a future script) to add your tags to your descriptions - where 1) search engines will actually be able to *find* them, and 2) they are safeguarded so you can restore them should RB see the error of its ways. All automagically.


  • Dennis GayDennis Gay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    RB, leave the tags alone. I have spent untold hours over the years getting my tagging just how I want it. Now you are asking me to spend many, many hours more reducung my 1000+ photographs tags. C'mon you people, enough is enough!

  • rocamiadesignrocamiadesign commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There is a problem with the new limit on tags. I was under the impression that if we didn't edit our tags to 10 or under, RB would automatically strip all but 10 of the tags that we had listed. Unfortunately, if you try to do any editing on a piece with more than 10 tags, or you try to submit your art to a group, you will get an error message that says it can't be saved because you have too many tags.

    I think that people need to be warned about another consequence of being forced to change your tags when you edit a piece. I added a feature to one of my artworks that was featured in "Fractal Combinations" this weekend. I got the error message that said my work couldn't be saved because I had too many tags, so I redid the tags and saved. Unfortunately, somehow this caused my work to be removed from every group that I had submitted it to, including the one that had just featured it. I had to resubmit it to that group and bmail the host to ask her to refeature it...a big inconvenience for me and the group host!

    *Please be very careful when editing your artwork, especially your featured images!* Make sure that you have stripped your tags down to 10 or less. I have heard about other artists here having the same problem with their art being removed from groups.

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